Engineers Black Book

This pocket book is a great resource for anyone working in a shop. It’s designed for metal workers and machinists, but the information contained within comes in handy in lots of situations. Best of all, it’s durable enough to survive in a shop environment, and every page is coated in a glare-free laminate that resists tearing and won’t get all filthy.

Inside there’s a wealth of practical information like conversion tables, hardening and tempering information, engineering frawing standards, tolerances, bolt and nut standards, and keys and keyway standards. You’ll also find the weights of metals, tapping drill sizes, and lots, lots more.

Engineers Black Book

(Engineers Black Book Content Pages)

Engineers Black Book Content Page 1

Engineers Black Book Content Page 1

Engineers Black Book Content Page 2

Engineers Black Book Content Page 2


34 Responses

  1. This seems to be a good book lool………..

  2. How can I purchase an Engineer’s Black Book?

    James Delcoure

  3. Very handy little book.

  4. Why isn’t this book at Barne’s and Noble or Borders or even Amazon?

    • Because it is sold mainly through Engineering supply outlets such as MSC, SPI, Enco, Penn Tool, Grainger, Duluth Trading co, EMI SUPPLY INC, JL Industrial co, KBC Tools, Reid Supply, Travels Tool Co, U S Shop Tool etc. hence you have a great choice.

  5. Who is the distributor or resellers in South Africa?

  6. Just wondering if there is an electrical black book available and how much would it be.

  7. Very handy manual for installers also. The spanish version is written in “plane Spanish” and the hardware store seller give us a glossary for mexican tech terms.
    All measures come in metric and imperial in each table, drawing or chart, you no need to exchange units.
    Thumbs up!

  8. We are interested to buy Engineers Black book.

    Kindly send the details and oblige.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Hi where can we buy the Engineering Black Book in South Africa?

  10. Who is the distributor for Bulgaria?

  11. Who is the distibutor in Australia

  12. I received the Handbook as a Christmas present and spent the evening with my nose buried in it. I am a ski area lift maint mechanic and found the book not only interesting but helpful in my daily life. A huge Thank you to those who compiled it.

  13. Can you buy this book in the UK? If so where from?


  14. I saw this interesting book. It can help me a lot I’m in Durbanville Western Cape and I would like to know where, how can I get one for myself

  15. Hello, I require a dealer in The Netherlands. Very handy books

  16. Is there an app for this book

    • Hi Nick, Thank you for your interest in our Black Book Series. I wish to advice that we are currently working on Android, Apple and Blackberry apps and hope to release them shortly. We will keep you informed.

      • I would love this in an app, please hurry :)

      • Has there been any update on this, I know a lot of people who’re interested in either an app for their phones, or PDF/Kindle compatible version.

      • Hi Ryan,

        We are working on an app. If you have any suggestions as to what you would specifically like to see in the app, please let us know. Would you like to be a beta test for us before it goes public?

  17. Whr cn I download an engineering black book?

  18. Who is the distributor in Mexico?

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